Secret Lives! Of The Freemasons at the Stella Blue in Asheville, NC

“Weekend Warriors” comes home to Asheville…

On February 22, 2008, Victory Records band Secret Lives! Of The Freemasons headlined another record release show for their new album “Weekend Warriors” that was released on February 19th. Honestly, I had a good time at this show, but it wasn’t quite as good as Feb. 19th’s record release show.

The first band to start the night was Fairground Avenue from Hendersonville, NC. As they started their set, I wasn’t too impressed, but as they continued to play, they started sounding a bit better to me. With them being heavily influenced by Alternative/Emo music, they already started off lower on my interested scale, but overall they weren’t too bad.

The second band to support Secret Lives!… was Kentucky band, Creatures. I liked these guys. They have a definite Alternative influence, but there was something about them that I really enjoyed their set. their sound all around was pretty awesome! Really, I wouldn’t mind seeing these guys play again and I have to put them as my second favorite band of the night.

My third favorite band for the evening was Charlotte’s own, Harvard. They played a pretty good set that I enjoyed, but they were pretty bizarre sounding. Not bizarre in a bad way, but they had a strange sound that was pretty enjoyable. Musically, these guys are definitely talented, but their vocalist has an amazing singing voice. Overall, they put on a great show and I wouldn’t mind seeing them again at some point either.

At last, it was time for my, obviously, favorite band of the evening to run the crowd. Secret Lives! Of The Freemasons took the stage with great energy and blew through a great set, once again, including songs from their new album like “Chug and Leave”, “Mascara”, and “Life Begins at 40oz.”. As seen before, Jim and Tucker were throwin’ it down on guitar as Josh was bassin’ it up and Travis was beatin’ on the skins! Brien was on his game once again as he belted out this great set and finished off a good show. As with a couple of the other bands, I’d definitely like to these guys play live again, they really put on a great show!

All in all, this was a great shows despite driving 4 hours to attend. Kudos to all the bands for putting on this show and entertaining the crowd so much!

Adam D

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