The Jasser Arafats – Condemnation

The Jasser Arafats - Condemnation

The Jasser Arafats – Condemnation
Violent Journey Records

[Rating: 4/5]

Written by Niek of

They’re Finnish, fast and furious. As original and unorthodox as their name is, as violent, raw and unpolished is their play. And that’s all in the good way. The Jasser Arafats have released their debut album on April 14th and it goes by the name of Condemnation. I was lucky enough to get it a few days earlier and have enjoyed it quite a few times since.

The album will cost you €9.90, or about $13.-, and for that money you will get nearly 35 minutes of uncompromised musical aggression. That’s precisely the main keyword when describing this album, ‘aggression’, as the intensity of the material is incredible. Condemnation is excellent material for when you need to let off steam or when you just want to headbang your brains out. It is not so good for when you’re behind the wheel, because speed tickets or lethal accidents will more than likely be your share.

The raw, heavy rhythm guitars and quick paced, sharp and nifty solos, the low-tuned bass work, the solid no-nonsense drumming that’s bass-drum-moderate for a change and the use of no other but loud, deep, grunting vocals make this an excellent Death-thrash release. Especially considering this is only their debut release.

My only critique is that the album could do with a bit more variation in song types. The few calm moments the listener is given make up only about a few seconds together, making the grand total quite a rush. Then again, 35 minutes isn’t all that long, so you won’t miss a relaxed moment unless you play the album three times in a row.

Give these guys some love, because they deserve it! And do play ‘em loud!

My favorite tracks: Stillborn and KAOS.


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