Two Ton Anvil – Two Ton Anvil


Two Ton Anvil – Two Ton Anvil
Dark Star Records

[Rating: 3/5]

Written by Niek of

This heavy metal band, going by the name of Two Ton Anvil, formed just a few years ago, in 2007, in Chicago, Illinois. Now, some three years later, they have just released their self-titled debut record. Twelve originally composed tracks and one Alice in Chains cover. I have something to say about both.

Starting with the latter here, the Alice in Chains cover is of the song Them Bones. Admittedly, that’s a pretty cool song and Two Ton Anvil does a good job at playing it precisely right too. That then is exactly the problem, because for a version of Them Bones sounding just like the original, I’ll, you won’t believe it, just listen to the original! No biggie though, as it’s only one track at the back of the pack. Consider it as a bonus that didn’t turn out much of an extra.

There are also twelve homegrown heavy metal tracks packed with kick-ass riffs. No shortage of those really. Unfortunately though, most of the songs stop being interesting after the intro, a verse and a chorus (some make it till after another verse). Songs start interesting, with a variety of cool guitar parts, but all end up in catchy sung choruses tending towards those of the most commercial of hard rock bands, making the whole thing “little girl’s metal”.

A few exceptions to the rule are What We’ve Made (best track on the album), The Wicked and Glass Houses. Tracks that manage to keep me interested all the way to the end. In fact, What We’ve Made is a track that I must have heard at least thirty times by now. It kicks!

The singing is performed by both Brian Ericson and Chris Chubb and they’re not without talent for it. It is a bit of an average hard rock/heavy metal style though. Somehow clone-crossbreed Nickelback’s, Creed’s and Alice in Chain’s vocalists into a pair of twins and you’ll get the same result.

Can’t really say it’s bad music though. It sounds fair. Fairer when you consider it’s a debut release. I would urge the band to search for more originality and variation in their songs though. Make it so it sticks. And I know they can do it, because What We’ve Made, The Wicked and Glass Houses are the proof!

My favorite track: What We’ve Made (by a MILE!)


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