Metallica Tickets Anyone?

So everyone wants the best tickets to whatever concert they’re going to see and it always seems like tickets are sold out in about 2 seconds and all that’s left are the nosebleeds or the lawn seats.

And of course Metallica being the monsters of rock that they are it can seem impossible to get anything good.

At Rock In Review we’ve been there and learned a few secrets to getting good tickets and the funny thing is that you can usually find great tickets at a number of sites around the net.

A lot of people seem to worry that they won’t be able to get their tickets but in our personal experience it’s almost guaranteed that if you don’t mind paying a little bit extra you can get some amazing seats to sold out shows this way.

Not only can you get tickets but if you happen to not be able to go to the concert or if your girl friends cousin’s dog bailed on you and you end up with an extra you can always sell your tickets at the same place as you can get these great seats (it’s part of how they’re able to offer the tickets in the first place :D.

There’s a ton of these type site and the easiest way to feel comfortable about the tickets is to look up ticket brokers in your area.

So if you live in Denver look up ticket brokers in denver. Houston – ticket brokers in houston, etc.

Craigslist and other similar places can be a great place to score sold out tickets at a fair price but be careful whenever you buy tickets especially from an individual.


Anyway that’s our tip.




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