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Greetings readers!

Just a few words about the site as you are looking around at the different CD reviews, concert reviews, and other things offered on this site. We here at Rock In Review do not find it necessary to use vulgar language in our reviews, so we will not tolerate it in comments, so those will be edited to fit the family friendly atmosphere of this site. Now, as far as the reviews themselves go, these are based on a slightly biased opinion by the reviewer(s), but we are open-minded, so we do note upon the good things of the concerts and CDs reviewed. Also, the star ratings on the CD reviews themselves do not necessarily represent how “perfect” the album may be. These merely represent how much the reviewer enjoyed the album as described in the text portion of the review. With all this in mind, please feel free to look around at the different things posted on the site and enjoy them as much as our staff has enjoyed reviewing the CDs and concerts presented on the site!

***WARNING: Comments made by band members in interviews may contain language normally censored in our reviews. Since the recording is live, we are not able to censor that material, so please be advised of that.***

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